Gingerbread Houses & Santa

This weekend was cold and rainy. So we spent our time inside decorating gingerbread (and graham cracker) houses. We had just about every kind of candy topping you could imagine -- and of course both kids had to taste-test every one. Like 20 times. We took several breaks for dance parties in the living room. Every new Christmas song that came on John would say "this is MY JAM!" and Lottie would twirl until she fell down... and then she would kick up a foot like it was on purpose. We were cracking up! I'm pretty sure that girl loves dancing more than anything else in the world. 

On Sunday we went to see Santa. Lottie wasn't so sure about the jolly old man BUT she didn't cry! I was certain she was going to.. yet she surprised us all. John was so excited- he didn't even wait to get on Santa's lap before he started spewing out all the things he wants. I don't think Santa got in two words. Don't you dare ask John what he wants for Christmas unless you have a good 20 minutes to listen ;)

Right now it seems like John is learning a little bit (or a lot) of EVERYTHING. I find myself so impressed with how quickly he's able to catch on to things. I love listening to him tell me about all that he learned at school and watching him write his name over and over...and over. I've been able to find several Christmas gifts for him that look like a lot of fun but are also educational // win-win. Which prompted me to put together a gift guide for little learners of all ages..

Today Is Calendar // Number Pops // Activity Cube // Alphabet Puzzle // First Bananagrams //

Spell Spinner // Match it Spelling // The 50 States // Big Book of Bugs // Farm Anatomy 

I think this wall chart (that comes in red or pink) is amazing.. and I just found this thing which needs to be in every little learner's stocking! So basic, but so awesome. I've already bought this book and plan on getting the others-- please let me know of any other great books you've found for your kiddos! 


Thanksgiving 2016